UBC Faculty of Education


The Professional Development and Community Engagement unit of UBC’s Faculty of Education is dedicated to enabling the teaching community to refine skills and address issues facing individual schools and school boards. Its programs are uniquely created for diverse communities such as aboriginal, urban, inner city, rural cultures and regions. Its mandate is broad but the nuanced deliverables made it a challenge to communicate its wide range of services.


Emdoubleyu did a deep analysis with the team leaders. This revealed strengths, weakness and perceptions and gave guidelines in building relationships.


We summarized results for the audit and made recommendations on tactics to focus the unit’s communications and strengthen its brand. This led to the development of banners and collateral that it used to engage audiences and increase its traction locally, nationally and internationally.


The Professional Development and Community Engagement has a suite tools to manage perceptions, features to emphasize, value propositions to concentrate its efforts and enable it to focus on quality services that have a transformational affect on communities. The guidelines we provided outline the efficiencies to focus on messages as well as weaker messages to avoid. The tool provides support for implementation, the call to action and ways to measure success. We also created banners for conferences that show depth of personal commitment and community-mindedness.