Green Coast Rubbish

Green Coast Rubbish is a locally owned and operated full service junk removal company based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Green Coast Rubbish provides environmentally conscious disposal services by employing sustainable waste diversion and recycling practices at a competitive price.

Green Coast Rubbish was founded in 2006, when pro mountainbiker Eamonn Duignan was attending the University of British Columbia. As Eamonn describes on their website, “The little red wagon you see in our logo is a very symbolic image for Green Coast. Ever since I was a young boy, it seems that I have been using a red wagon in some fashion or another, and it is for that exact reason why it is the foundation of our identity. From carting my brothers around in our youth, from playground to playground; to my first venture of collecting pop bottles or even delivering newspapers as a young man, the red wagon has always been there for me. Now some many years later, it seems, it still is.”

Emdoubleyu developed the entire identity for Green Coast Rubbish, from the trucks, stationery, hoodies and the website with the engaging animation that rolls along the top banner when you first visit the site.