North Shore BikeFests & Rippers

North Shore BikeFest 2009
Mountain bike racing returned to Vancouver’s north shore so we dragged out a bag of old chains and started laying them on the scanner to create iconic letterforms to promote the events. In a world of Photoshopped images and layered typography, the simplicity of the posters for this event stood out whether they were in a bike shop or a community centre bulletin board.

North Shore Bikefest 2010
For 2010 we shamelessly spoofed the major sporting that takes place every 4 years and introduced our own set of cute, cuddly mascots. The typography paid homage to the 1968 Games that took place in Mexico. No particular reason, we just loved the typeface…

North Shore Ripper 2011
The return of the Rippers! After a 2 year hiatus with the BikeFests, James and Sharon and the team returned to their roots (and passion) which is riding “competively”on the shore. The fact that volunteers and “winners” got super cool beer glasses has nothing to do with it being our favourite event ever…