Good design is not created in a vacuum.

It involves a team consisting of a designer, a writer, a production coordinator, a photographer or an illustrator, a printer or a programmer and most importantly, a client. These are some of the people that Emdoubleyu Design works with on an ongoing basis:

Writing & Creative

Forwords Communication
Ideastream Design
Inscript Language & Writing
Mainstay Consulting
Louise Aird
Adventure Storytelling
Pangaea Communications

Websites & Programming

Reactionlab Communications Visit website >
Emplus Communications Visit website >
Ion Design/Smallbox Visit website >
Coverall Crew Visit website >


Grant Waddell Photography Visit website >
Paul Joseph Photographs Visit website >
Perry Zavitz Photography Visit website >
Bruce Law Photography Visit website >
Jay Dear Photography Visit website >
Bonny Makarewicz Photography
Frank Vena Photography Visit website >
Sterling Lorence Photography Visit website >
Dan Barham Photography Visit website >


Wendy Wortsman
Adam Rogers Visit website >
Rob Collinet Visit website >
Rod Filbrandt Visit website >

Printing & Prepress

Stellar Graphics
Total Graphics
MPA Communications
Blanchette Press
Classic Printing
The Portables