BSI Solutions

By 2025 consumer waste is expected to double, making waste management one of the most serious issues facing manufacturers, vendors and municipalities today. Various products offer solutions but few go the distance to step up and define in scientific terms what is safe and goes beyond compliance. BSI (Biodegradable Solutions) is one such company that produces compostable foodware. It’s recognized for its extensive array of certification.

We created a brand strategy and marketing toolkit that recognizes their high achievements and shows clients how to leverage it. In doing so, we worked with them to develop a program that allows customers to take advantage of their depth of knowledge and expertise in providing the safest possible products. We helped them build values into their brand so their customers would know BSI does the due diligence to ensure they exceed compliance and regulations and that buying BSI products provides not only safe solutions but also increases their own value helping them achieve sustainability goals that they can transfer to their customers.