African Fair Trade Society

African Fair Trade Society had a high quality product in need of a brand. The challenge was to disseminate critical elements of their inspiring story and layer them to build a rapport with customers.

As importers supporting an ancient tradition and providing infrastructure to the community where the product is sourced, AFTS had a modern product that gives consumers a touchstone to the Senegalese culture half a world away. The product’s brand promise is an outstanding product and assistance to the villagers who produce it, to strengthen their society. Vibrant images by a local artist connect consumers to the folk lore. These are supported with an overarching identity that by contrast is simple and architectural, of a harvester’s silhouette. The postage stamp perforations and typewriter style typeface suggest an absence of high technology and the remoteness of an African village.

To learn more about African Fair Trade Society or to order their products please visit their website here.

Paintings: Aboukaba Drame
Retouching/colourizing: Grant Waddell
Printing: Century Printing