Obsession: Bikes

Obsession: Bikes is a bike shop in North Vancouver that re-named itself after years of being known as Dizzy Cycles. Shop owner James Wilson along with his staff, are known for being rather obsessive about bikes and riding, hence the new name.

The shop rebranding necessitated a new website announcing that the name had changed, but the core staff and services were the same. Its tongue-in-cheek copy fosters a casual feel to encourage riders to come to the shop and hang out. With dozens of background images randomly appearing with each visit or click, the site delivers a unique experience for every visitor.

The navigation buttons pop up around the head and will be augmented with other options as other areas are added to the site.

The site is in HTML with Javascript for the random backgrounds and menu callouts.

View website. Wait for a moment for the site to load and then hit the head to scroll through the various background photos.

Programming: Reactionlab
Copywriting: Emdoubleyu Design
Photography: Sterling Lorence, various