Dizzy Cycles

Criteria: Development of identity for a Vancouver bike shop. Included applications to stationery, signage, team jerseys, etc.

Solution: A cartooney knobby tire and a “swirly” became design elements that were applied to stationery, jerseys, shorts, hangtags and signage. Fun and non-aggressive, they help to position the store favourably compared to other “hardcore” Vancouver bike shops.

Dizzy Cycles is a bike shop in Kisilano, Vancouver that holds a prominant location at the “sports gear corner” of 4th and Burrard. While most of their clientele comes to them word of mouth, and through the visibility of the shop, they wanted to have an online presense that reinforced their laid-back and friendly personna. They also wanted a site that could be updated and changed easily and quickly, so we went with the Smallbox backend to facilitate this need.

Main content, sub-features or specials, product logos (with links to the manufacturers’ websites), and randomized banner images are all easily changed, added and updated. The look and feel of the site ties into their ongoing branding which is loose and fun!

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Programming: Smallbox
Copywriting: Emdoubleyu Design