Lotus Awards 2006

The Lotus Awards, the Vancouver ad industry’s recognition of creative excellence in BC has awarded Emdoubleyu Design a Merit for Best Annual Report for the 2005 PenderFund Annual Report.

The report reflects the growth fund’s insight into finding investment value using clean, crisp minimalist design and beautiful typography. Matt Warburton, principal of Emdoubleyu Design says, “The critical factor in producing any communication device is a strong relationship with the client. Understanding them is the only way to deliver their message effectively. Design carries the message, but it shouldn’t upstage message.”

Emdoubleyu collaborated with Inscript Language & Writing partners Lynn Sully and Ward Stendahl to create the Pender Perspective. Although the annual report is traditionally a very dry document, progressive companies see it as a promotional tool, a chance to tell their story. A good AR will make a stakeholder want to pick it up and read it thoroughly. “If it’s well-designed, it will land on a book shelf, or best of all, someone else’s desk, rather than the recycling bin,” says Warburton. “It’s a tactile alternative to the ubiquity of the internet.”

This is the fourth time the Lotus Awards have honoured Emdoubleu Design in recent years. Some of Emdoubleyu’s previous winning clients are Narrative 360 (2004 Merit and 2005 Lotus) and Dizzy Cycles (2000 Merit). Since 1989 the Lotus Awards have provided an opportunity for Vancouver’s business community to see the superior creative work being produced locally, the standards for excellence, and the results outstanding creative work can have on their brands.

To see the annual report, click here.

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