Lotus Awards 2005

The Lotus Awards, the academy awards of Vancouver’s advertising community has once again delivered accolades to the best of the best. One of the winners, Emdoubleyu Design has been honoured with a Lotus for Best Catalogue for it’s poignant presentation of Narrative 360’s emotional exhibit by 5 Canadian photographers documenting life in Afghanistan over the past ten years entitled Kites, Guns & Dreams. Narrative 360 is an organization committed to supporting and promoting Canadian photographers, filmmakers and writers who seek to tell real life stories of human triumph and tragedy through their lenses and pens.

“This is a powerful catalogue but it’s also a communication device,” says Emdoubleyu principal, Matt Warburton. “These are the lasting images that will resonate long after the exhibition closed,” he said. “The narrative is complex, but that dictated the clean, sombre design which gave the photographs space to tell their multi-faceted stories. Once we determined the thread, it was simply a matter of delivering strong, consistent typography and understated design, and then maintaining that continuity down to the finest detail.” Apparently the details were well-executed: “Kites, Guns & Dreams” has garnered numerous design awards throughout North America.

“When Narrative 360 approached me with this project, right from the start there was no question that that we had to deliver integrity—and it looks like we were successful. Winning awards is always satisfying, but garnering recognition for such a moving reflection of life is especially gratifying.” says Warburton.

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