If You’re Committed to Doing the Right Thing, Don’t Wait to Take a Bow

As global environmental, social and economic climates shift, businesses, governments and public institutions need to take control of increased risks and recognize their roles and opportunities. By being innovative with their business model, they improve their performance and engage with their audiences. This improves outcomes and fosters change for the better. Often this can lead to finding untapped funding resources and new pathways for growth. You don’t have to be far along the path of sustainability. You just have to be committed to staying on it.

Sustainability can no longer live in energy, environment, social or economic silos. It’s a tool that is part of an organization’s culture and is most effective when it underscores the whole offering. Our clients in business, government, institutions, service industries, engineering and architecture, waste management and renewable energy define and leverage their unique values. By integrating their initiatives into their business plans, they develop a framework for engagement with like-minded stakeholders and customers and they connect on a whole new level.

To do that, they’ve gone beyond governance and CSR channels and developed dedicated sustainability communications. Using the marketing resources at their disposal through their brands, we’ve worked with some of the country’s leaders in sustainability as well as small companies who are committed to change. We create a suite of messages and tactics that explain how they make a difference and why it benefits their audiences. This is where good corporate citizenry meets profit.

Many organizations are already making seismic changes toward transparency to address the need for economic, social and environmental harmony. Yet many sustainability achievements are well-kept secrets because of concerns that sharing those initiatives will seem like greenwash or ineffectual. Organizations that will be most successful in their efforts to change from within are also changing their audience’s expectations and behaviour. They use a framework that allows them to speak authoritatively about how their actions help them to help the community.