2006 Unisource NUARS

For the third year the 2006 National Unisource Annual Report Show (NUARS) has taken a look at the leading edge of corporate and investor communications and recognized the very best in communications with its annual awards. These awards are open to consumers of Unisource paper across Canada and therefore offer a Canadian-centric view of effective, intelligent design communications. Vancouver design firm, Emdoubleyu Design is a proud recipient of a judges’ choice award. The winning annual report is for long-time Emdoubleyu client, PenderFund Capital Management. The report emphasized the simplicity of its key investment points with minimalist design and dramatic typography, making it easy for investors to understand the benefits of the specific funds and investment program.

Emdoubleyu principal, Matt Warburton says, “winning any award is an honour but a judges’ choice is particularly gratifying because it means they connected to it—we hit a nerve. We always strive to let the client’s message speak for itself rather than complicating it with overkill design.”

Canadian design this year reflects a “sort of dynamic simplicity,” according to Unisource. “We see the report evolve into an important corporate marketing piece in which companies attempt to distill complex issues and operations into their simplest and most compelling selling points.” Companies now see the obligatory AR as an opportunity to bring key messages down to size, and make them engaging, personal—almost in reaction to the ubiquity of the internet. Readers make a connection to the company and feel reading it is a worthwhile investment of their time. They benefit.

Warburton, no stranger to design awards for annual reports, communication materials and corporate identities, says, “it’s critical to tell a new story in any piece, but especially annual reports. It’s easy to get lost in the mundane information so you’ve got to capture readers’ interest without making them work for it.”

In commenting on it, the judges said, “This report is an excellent example of how one can achieve maximum impact on a small budget… by a good use of paper, sophisticated typography and a restrained use of colour. Charts, graphs and tables are flawlessly executed.”

Emdoubleyu Design enjoys a strong relationship with PenderFund Capital Management and credits them for insight into developing this effective annual report and thus reaping the benefits of its success.

To see the annual report, click here.

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